16 March 2011


Goodness, where have we been lately? The weather's been so nice that our bodies were suddenly overwhelmed, panicked, and felt like they needed to get sick. Er.. what? True story.

That and school have kind of been hogging all our time, but there are still TONS of posts on the way, so please hang with us.

We did choose a winner, though. Well, "Random.org" chose a winner for us. Here you have it!

"BTT Susov: I can't wait for my new flowers to blossom, for the swamp to disappear in my backyard and to start my garden, the warm weather to allow my baby girl to run around outside and play with the neighbor kids! I love new beginnings!" 

Ah... me too :) Contact us at ewophoto [at] gmail [dot] com as soon as you can! Thanks you guys for your comments. It made me that much more excited for Spring! (Although someone told me it's supposed to snow tomorrow.. darn Utah!)

If you didn't win, don't worry too much. We're doing a cute kids contest in a couple of weeks for another free giveaway, and then offering some April specials in behalf of spring! Also, I promise photos are coming soon! Midterms are almost over, and I'm envious of everyone that got Spring Break, but we'll persevere :)

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