Eyes Wide Open Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

Expect fun and casual. Yeah, we'll pose you for some basic family photographs, but mostly we love to see how you guys interact with each other. Play, tickle, laugh, wrestle, swing.. enjoy life and let us document it.

How far in advance should I book my session?

As we started out, it was easy to squeeze people in here and there as they needed their photos taken. However, we're booking up faster & faster, and are beginning to need more notice. We ask that you book a minimum of two weeks in advance. We understand that sometimes everything is last minute and you need your photographs taken sooner than that. If that is the case, we charge an extra $20, and we'll book you in sooner. Your CD of photographs, however, will still take two to three weeks to get to you. Again, a rush fee can be charged if you need them sooner.

When do I pay you?

At the time of our session.

How long do sessions take?

This completely depends on the session. Since we specialize in family photography, we understand that your children (or husbands, or teenagers..) have shorter attention spans and can only handle looking and smiling for so long. We try to keep family sessions under an hour, although if the kids are being good and Dad doesn't want to go home, we can take them as long as two hours. It's up to you and your family.

Engagements and bridals... we expect you guys to bear with us a little longer ;) Those will usually last close to two hours. Again, it depends on the locations and your schedule, but we try not to keep you too long.

Do you always shoot with two photographers? Why?

Due to our crazy work and school schedules, it would be almost impossible to book a session with both of us there. So most of you will only ever work with Erica. However, we ALWAYS shoot with two photographers at weddings. Why? First of all, having a second pair of hands makes a huge difference. Nick worked for several years at a video studio, and knows all the technical stuff like lighting that Erica sometimes forgets. He's also really good at making goofy faces that kids tend to find amusing ;) Second, it's nice to have two different angles and makes for completely different and unique photographs. If, for your portrait session, you'd prefer to have two photographers, let us know ahead of time and we will make sure we're both there. And, hey.. we like hanging out together :)

What happens if there's a blizzard or rain on the day of our session?

If it's coming down hard, we'll re-schedule! However, if it's lightly raining or there are small snow flurries, we'll still go on with it. We're tough, you're tough... Just make sure to dress accordingly!

What should we wear?

Our first recommendation is to wear clothes that everyone is comfortable in. If your son can't move around or your daughter's tights are bugging her, they'll get distracted a lot more easily and not feel as natural. Also, I try to avoid the white shirts and jeans look. Let your clothes express your personality! As long as you avoid logos or large print, I'm open to any colors and looks you feel fit your family style. Don't hesitate to add layers, textures and accessories.. this is all about you guys!

Do you travel outside of Utah/Salt Lake County?

Yes! We love to travel! Although traveling rates do apply. E-mail us for detailed information.

Do you charge extra for the CD of photos or editing?

No! When you book your session, it not only includes my time with your family, but my time touching up any photos that need it and puting them on a CD for you and your family. We make sure every photograph is adjusted for correct color balance, exposure, sharpness and contrast. The CD will have a certain number of full resolution photographs (depending on the session) and a copyright release for personal use. However, we do ask that when posting photos online (facebook, blogs, personal albums, etc.) please give us photo credit with a link to our website. Thank you!

Can I get more photographs than what you list?

Yes! We charge an extra $20 for every 20 extra photos that you want. We try to choose the very best, but we understand that sometimes you just want more!

Can we bring along extra family members or friends for our session?

It depends what they are coming along for :) We love when Mom comes along to help out with her bride's veil and dress... Mom's are so good at getting all those little details for me. Likewise, sometimes you just have to have grandma there to get those kids of yours to smile. We totally understand! Grandma's have that magic touch.

We ask that you not include others in your photographs, unless they are paid for separately. We are more than happy to photograph your niece and her husband, or grandma and grandpa, but we ask that they pay as if it were a separate session, since it does add time and editing that we weren't planning on. However, like you, they will get their own CD of photographs.

Do you mind if we have a friend or family member taking photos on their camera or phone while you're photographing our families?

We do. The way we see it, you're paying for us to be there taking your photographs. If you want your parents or in-laws or someone else taking your photos, then they should be the ones doing it. However, we find it distracting and disrespectful to have someone else behind us doing what we're there to do. As Nick just chimed in, "I'm sorry, but you threw off the emperor's groove..." :)

Do I have to kiss my spouse/fiance?

Yes. A million times yes. You do what we tell you to do.

Okay, this actually comes from one of the first engagement sessions we did. We told the couple to kiss (duh) and the girl said, "Ugh, do I have to?" Umm.. wait.. you're marrying this guy and you don't want to kiss him? What the...

But for all means and purposes, I stick to my answer. Yes. We understand if you're uncomfortable being mushy in public. However, for the sake of good photos, pretend you like each other :)


If you have any more questions [because I know there are more out there] please e-mail us at ewophoto@gmail.com and we'll stick it on!