06 March 2011

Who wants a free session?

Alright... we promised a free session giveaway when we got to 200 Facebook "likes" and you guys got us there! We're excited for this month... after this giveaway, we have a March Special planned, and then another contest for a free shoot in April! Exciting, huh?

Anyway, here's what you need to do to enter:

Make sure you "like" us on Facebook.
Aaaand... leave a comment telling us what you're most excited for about spring!

What's not to be excited about??

We will be accepting entries until this Friday at midnight (MST). Winner will be chosen from random.org and the session has to take place in either March or April of 2011.

And, because it's not a good post without a photo, here's one of a sweet little girl who celebrated her first birthday last month! Look out for a wedding and first birthday shoot later this week.


  1. Me being the first means I'm the LEAST likely to win...but it shows how devoted I am! ;)

    I'm most excited to take my boy out for the first sunshine. :) He was born in August, and I was still recovering from a rough go at it until like...NOVEMBER! :) He hasn't really been out much, because of the cold, my laziness when it comes to the cold, and the sick season. I'm so excited for him to try and eat the grass and squint at the sun! Maybe I'll see if he'll get freckles like me! :)

  2. I am excited for Maggie to participate in a Easter egg hunt, now that she is running and picking things up. I think she will enjoy Easter this year.

  3. Flip flops. And, that baby is the cutest baby I've ever seen. Her mom must be gorgeous. haha

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  5. can't wait for Spring! I love to see the tulips, see the blossoms on the trees, hear the birds sing and open all the windows in my house to let the fresh air in. But my favorite thing to do in the Spring is to have my childrens pictures taken with a blue sky, sunshine and beautiful spring colors.

  6. I can't wait for the warm weather and to go outside a play in the dirt with Oliver. He loves the dirt and its funny when we are working in the flower bed and he tries to help!!

  7. I can't wait for my new flowers to blossom, for the swamp to disappear in my backyard and to start my garden, the warm weather to allow my baby girl to run around outside and play with the neighbor kids! I love new beginnings!