03 February 2011

100th Post

Me: Wow, this is our 100th post. What do we do now?...
Nick: Fireworks?

So imagine some epic fireworks :) It's too cold here to do anything remotely cool like that, so we'll stick with a post. Also, if you're not already following us on facebook, go do that! When we have 14 more followers, we'll do a free session giveaway! How fun is that? Go invite your friends & get a free session :)

Keep your eyes open for more posts.. I have a bunch more to post, and am booked to the max for the month of February, so that'll be keeping us busy (because work and school weren't keeping us busy enough, obviously!)

We hope you're all enjoying February and that it's not as cold for you as it is for us! I think we talk almost every day about how we can't wait for warmth...

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos of my gorgeous friend Erin. She got back from an LDS mission in Texas four months ago and I'm so happy to have my friend back!

"You're really something, do you know that? And in spite of whatever may happen in your day, you are going to stay that way: trying and giving and living life in the best way you know how. So keep your spirits up and keep things in perspective. It's going to be okay."
- Ceal Carson 
(a fun quote I stumbled upon today)

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