30 August 2010

i heart faces: photojournalism

When I first read that the theme of this week's contest was photojournalism, I had a hard time figuring out what photo to use. I started browsing through photos I had taken while working at the newspaper for a couple of years, and ran across this.

Spanish Fork, Utah.. while not all that exciting.. has a Hari Krishna temple that holds many events. Some, such as the Festival of Colors, have become huge events, with people all over Utah coming to participate. Though this event isn't as "popular" it was still fun. This is at the Llama Festival. At the bottom of the hill they have a stage where cultural dances are held and Krishna music played. These people are beautiful and so genuinely happy. I feel like this photograph tells a wonderful story.

Happy Monday, everyone :) You can click on the logo below to go check out more entries.


  1. What a neat shot! Love the color.

  2. I love this picture, and how you can tell she is dancing...

  3. I've been to that festival before. What a fun picture!

  4. Wonderful shot. The color and detail is just gorgeous.