28 February 2012

m.i.a. & a baby

oh man, guys! i promised myself i would never be one of those photographers that just... vanished! but i totally did! we've still been shooting like crazy, thank goodness, but i have definitely failed on the blogging front! i think it's a combination of moving, quitting my job (this is my last week!), being sick over & over, marrying off a younger brother and ...

... oh yeah, this thing!

he/she is definitely bigger now, but still! wow!! we find out in two weeks if we'll have a boy or a girl and we are thrilled!! mom's especially thrilled now that morning sickness + strep (lovely combination) is gone... bleh!

so we are back, and will definitely be posting and doing some major catching up! heck, we still have sessions from july that need to be blogged. and since it's currently snowing, it might be a good time to reminisce on sunshine and other such happiness :)

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