04 November 2011

you may not know this, but...

... i'm a ninja. no no, it's true! we thought about adding that to our business card (photography, graphic design, NINJA-ing), but we didn't want people to misinterpret the "we want to shoot you" part of the card...

anyway, moving on. i got a phone call one day from danny, who happened to be proposing to his girlfriend that day! true story. he asked if i could come "secretly" photograph the proposal. woah!! so i whipped out a handy family i know to do some fake posing for me, and off we went!

awww! cute, huh?? he even wrote her a song. this is the real deal, guys! take notes!

so after the preciousness, we went to go take some fun photos. for those of you that don't feel comfortable seeing lots of mushiness and kissing, turn back now. they were practically glowing :) it was a good day!

keep an eye out, we took their engagements yesterday :)

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