18 January 2011

valentines mini-sessions

Beginning January 24, Eyes Wide Open Photography is offering Valentines Mini-Sessions! How many photos do you have of just you and your husband (not including your wedding photos...)? If you're not married, how about you and your significant other? No significant other? How about you and your best friend?

So many of us spend so much time behind the camera, documenting life, we forget to document that we're a part of it. Nick & I included. We had his fab photographer sister, Kelly, take some photos for us and I love them so much. We don't even have a family yet, but I plan on getting photos of us taken regularly :) You treasure those photos.

Let us document you and your loved one! 'Tis the season :) Here's a little more information:

Who: You and your "loved one".*
Where: Any location of your choice in Salt Lake or Utah County. If you don't have anything in mind, we do!
When: Any time between January 24 and Valentine's Day. We already have the next month filling up fast, and are down to five sessions left. So book us soon!
What: A 30-minute mini-session. A CD of your photos. And a credit of 20 4x6 personalized Valentine cards by Valentine's day.**
How much: $45

Like we said, we're filling up fast! Call us soon and get some photos of you and your valentine :)

* Single for Valentine's Day? "Loved one" can entail a best friend, boyfriend, dog, etc. Heck, we can do photos and valentines of just you! We love ourselves, too :)
** To get the cards by Valentine's Day, you must have your session by Friday, February 11.


  1. I think Sterling should do this and have his phone number printed on the cards. Then he can pass them out to all the single girls he knows. Think he'll go for that?

  2. Haha, that would be SO funny! I'll do it for free... he needs it ;)