07 January 2011

changes in 2011

Pretty ice to take photos in front of? Yes, please!

Okay everyone, we're back! Sorry we weren't around much... our immune systems decided to fail us after Christmas. And then school and work started back up and, well... goodbye free time! We have lots to post, though, so there will be lots popping up here and there on the blog as we play the catch up game :)

There are a few things changing for the new year! We thought you'd like to know about them! How thoughtful of us, eh?

- Pricing. Our prices have gone up. Not a ton.. and we're still much lower than most photographers you'll find.. but they have gone up. Why? We charged less as we were starting out, because we felt that was fair. A low price, and we were building our portfolio. In the past year, since we started, we have become much better at this, and our booking up SO much faster than we did before, so... higher prices.

- Availability. If you check out our FAQ page, it will give you more information, but here's the gist of it. The longer we've been doing this, the more we've been filling up. For example, the new year just started, and we are almost completely booked for both January and February. Whew! Not to mention, with me starting school (and Nick always at work), we have less free time. So if you want to book, do it as soon as possible.

- Also, we're no longer booking less than two weeks in advance. Again, while we were working on building our portfolio, we were more than happy to squeeze people in when we could. Unfortunately we can't do that anymore. With less openings, we can't squeeze those kinds of things in anymore. However, if you check out the FAQ, we can charge extra if you HAVE to have photos.

- Lastly, printing. This won't go into effect until later in the year, but we will start offering printing... possibly exclusively. We want you to get the best possible quality of prints (for low prices), and are working on making that a reality. Like I've said before, we will never charge you more for the prints than we get them for. I think that's unfair. But we do want to select which printers we go with, so your photographs are being printed the best way they can be. More to come on that :)

So that's about it! Again, always e-mail or comment if you have any questions or there's something you want to let us know. There will also be a contest/giveaway/special going on EVERY month, so keep an eye out. If you send us your e-mail address, you'll be the first to get it, before it's posted on the blog. There's one coming up in the next week or two.. yay!

Hope you're all having a great new year! We're hoping being sick for the first week of the year means that the rest of the year will be much better :) We'll see!

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