03 December 2010

dan, andrea & sean

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy..."
-John Lennon

(I always look for quotes to add with the photos, and immediately had this song pop into my head. I went to look up the lyrics and noticed that at the very end, he sings, "Darling Sean". Yeah, I'm that good ;))

Sean was born premature, so we had the opportunity to go up to Logan and take photos for Dan & Andrea. Their little boy was seriously perfect. Aside from not enjoying being on his stomach, and puking when Mom & Dad started kissing (hey, what kid doesn't?), he was asleep the WHOLE time. Thank you, Sean!

Apparently I only chose to post vertical photographs.. just noticed that. But it was fun being able to take them in their home and spend time with them :)

Thanks, Dan & Andrea, for letting us spend time with your beautiful little family :)

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