12 December 2010

2011 senior reps

We're looking to take more senior photos. Normally, we specialize in family photography, but love spending time with seniors and getting to know them. We want to take photos that represent who they are and what they spend their time doing... none of this boring backdrop and typical poses stuff. We want to get out and show everyone who YOU are!

So we're offering a giveaway for 2011 Senior Reps. All the info is below. Just send us an e-mail at ewophoto@gmail.com with a photo and a brief explanation telling us why you are the best person to represent your school. We'll choose a winner from each high school and you'll get a free session, photos, rep cards & $15 cash for every friend of yours that books a senior session with us! Yep, get ten friends to come take photos with us and you've got $150 in your pocket. Sound good?

If you know any seniors, pass on the word! We'll keep this going 'til graduation this summer, and then start it up for 2012 seniors!

Also, if you're a guy graduating, and plan on going on an LDS mission after you graduate, we'll take your missionary photos for 50% off.

We've got more sessions we'll be posting later on this week! Is it just me, or is December ridiculously busy? I'm not sure we have a free day for the rest of the year... crazy! Hope your month is going well :)


  1. Great idea and poster Erica! Can't wait to see the winning senior in all his/her glory!