10 September 2010


Yeah, my husband is cool :) This shot is straight-out-of-camera.. he took it last night while we were taking bridals. Speaking of which, I have sooooo much catching up to do. A family shoot, two sets of bridals, a wedding we're about to go leave to, and one a week from today. So please don't give up on us.. we'll be posting LOTS soon. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. This picture reminds me of LOST. It's like the "light monster" instead of the smoke monster is about to come an get me....which in turn reminds me of how every night when we pray about the Holy Ghost Caleb says in a happy scared voice "Ah! Holy Ghost!"

  2. Self Combustible tree....aaaaaa~~~~~!!!!

  3. This totally looks like a tree of life pictures. I love it!