21 September 2010


If you "like" our facebook group, you'll know how long I've been promising this giveaway... sorry, sorry! I promised one at 100 "likes" and you're already at 130. Look at you go! So here's the long awaited giveaway...

Yes, that's right.. you get photos of me and my husband.. score!!! Okay, yeah, that's lame. Here's what the giveaway includes:

- A cool frame like the one pictured above (all photobooth styled.. I love it!)
- A free photoshoot (or a $40 credit if you'd like to put it towards something like a wedding)
- And seven free prints (you need something to fill that frame, right?)

Here's what you need to do:
- Leave a comment... tell me what your ideal photo shoot would consist of (are you really needing an update of your family photos? or just you in general? are you thinking it would be fun to get a group of friends together and play? you name it.)
- Make sure you're a follower of the blog (you don't need a google account, just hit follow and go from there!)

Ta da! That's it. You have until Sunday at 10:00 p.m. to post a comment and follow the blog. I'll announce the winner back here on Monday morning.

I've already started planning the next giveaway and I'm SO much more excited for that... it consists of ten "prizes". But we'll do that one when we hit 100 blog followers. That one will take a little more work, but I believe in you guys!

Anyway, start commenting! :)


  1. Does being the first to comment count for anything??? There are so many great photo shoots I'd love you to do but I think since Spencer is still on his mission that I will wait for a family portrait and say for this one a photo shoot of me and my girls would be so fun!
    I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are amazing at photography! Love your stuff!

  2. Well, an ideal photo shoot... I think it would begin with some good jokes. Actually this question has come at the perfect time, since Kayla and I just got back from an evening walk in Memory Grove in Salt Lake. Autumn is just barely starting to show, but the weather is still beautiful and warm. Memory Grove is a a big war memorial park. It is beautifully maintained with a unique garden, simple, but profound architecture, and a quiet peaceful feeling, possibly even a spirit of reverence. There are so many places for unique and stirring photos. There are parts of the garden perfect for light spirited shots, full of beautiful green and the beginnings of faint yellow and orange. There are also areas for photos that capture a deeper emotion. Places where the air seems to be infused with patriotism, as if by simply breathing there, one can gain a greater appreciation for the freedoms of our country, and the sacrifices made for them. To me a photo is not only the capturing of an image, but the record of a feeling, a place, a time, and an atmosphere. A photo tells a story and the story can be different to each viewer. My perfect photo shoot would exploit that story quality, allowing the creative mind to wander from the image into the world created by the picture.

    Sorry if I got a little carried away, but i haven't had a chance to be so thoughtful for a while. Thanks :)

  3. I'm 8 months pregnant and never got any maternity pictures taken with my first child, nor any with this one thus far. I would REALLY like to get some before I pop and free would even be better. =) I've looked through your gallery's and it seems you have only one photo shoot (of what I saw) of maternity...so if I win it really would help you in getting some more experience. Plus we have a cute little guy who would just love to have his pictures taken with his mommy's HUGE belly. ;) Crossing my fingers!!


  5. Hahaha, these comments are hilarious, you have some fun friends!

    Mine would be fun with my new chunk of a baby boy, AFTER his baby acne is gone :). I love those fields of yellow you have mentioned near your house, and it's so dreamy to think of white against pale yellow, or maybe a lavender for myself, white for my boy and Nick. :)

    Also, up Hobble creek canyon right now is the MOST GOREGOUS colors, doing a family shoot of my new little family would be just dreamy. :) I don't really expect to win, since I'm not very lucky and certainly not as deserving as some of your friends here, but it's worth a shot! :) Good luck!

  6. Hmm, well... My daughter turns 1 in about a month (almost literally, Oct 23rd). I really would like them to be a little more special than my normal Target photo-shoot. I think it would be so fun to do some with the autumn colors, and also some Halloween-type.
    Or maybe my family pictures, last time we got them was Christmas last year, and Jessica looks so much different. (go figure, 2 months, 11 months) That one would definitely be more a fall colors type.

  7. I would love pictures of my family. We have had no pictures taken since our wedding two and a half years ago!!! It is really kind of sad... Erica I love your work!!!!!

  8. My ideal photo shoot... I just had a new baby boy five months ago! We already have a three year old son. The last family pictures we had were when he was six months old! I think we are in desperate need of an update! I love the outdoor shots and would love to capture my five month olds personality that is starting to show so much! He smiles all the time! I love this time of year when it is not to hot, yet everything is still so beautiful. Yeah Fall!!

  9. Well, a photo shoot with my son would be awesome. But, I think it would also be really neat to do a photo shoot with my family at Christmas time since we'll all be together, and also get a nice picture of my parents together as well.

  10. we just had our first baby!!! I'd love pictures like the ones you have with the wedding rings on the toes!!!

  11. We need family pictures. We haven't had any since my son was born. Plus he turns one right after Christmas so that would be fun too! You take such great pictures.

  12. Ideal photo shoot? How to choose. Family pix! My husband and I have been married for over 30 years and it would be sweet to have sweet pix of us together. Plus now, we have 5 grandchildren that would make a cute picture when we get them all together. Or, my boss has been asking for a good pix for the website (the trick is to make me look good). Or even, my son's senior class pictures. Too many choices.

  13. Pictures of the family, definitely. And maybe of our cat too.